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    3 FADE
    /slideshows/homeMedium/IMG-4220.JPG Good Morning Sellersburg! A view of the early morning light on a corner of our property!
    /slideshows/homeMedium/IMG-4079.JPG Mission Beyond If you had to carry a sign around with you all the time for the rest of your life, what would it say?
    /slideshows/homeMedium/IMG_3909.JPG Secret Service Project What do you get with some cut cedar, nails, hammers, and some string - Luckily NO mashed fingers! Our middle school youth group made these to distribute to a local nursing home!
    /slideshows/homeMedium/Mission%20beyond%202.png Mission Beyond #GodsWayintheBurg Watch for more info about upcoming events for our Mission Beyond Program /adult-faith-formation _parent
    /slideshows/homeMedium/Board%20Angle%20-%202%20Opposite%20View%20not%20showing%20existing%20Church%20Light.jpg Updated Church Design
    /slideshows/homeMedium/image1.jpeg NCYC Archbishop Thompson and a youth from our parish at NCYC
  • Parish Mission Statement
    Building God's Kingdom by growing disciples and making disciples through love of God and neighbor. 

    Parish Vision Statement
    1.  People who have a personal relationship with Jesus and feel comfortable sharing their faith with others.
    2. People who are open to the gifts of the Holy Spirit in their lives.
    3. People who have a knowledge and love of the Scriptures.
    4. People who know basic Catholic teaching.
    5. People who are committed to daily prayer and pray spontaneously when asked to do so.
    6. People who are committed to Sunday Eucharist.
    7. People who see their lives as given to God's work (service).